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Practical Monitoring

Effective Strategies For The Real World

Do you have a nagging feeling that your monitoring needs improvement, but you just aren’t sure where to start or how to do it? Are you plagued by constant, meaningless alerts? Does your monitoring system routinely miss real problems? This is the book for you.

Mike lays out a practical approach to designing and implementing an effective monitoring—from the application down to hardware in a datacenter, and everything between. Practical Monitoring will provide you with straight-forward strategies and tactics for designing and implementing a strong monitoring foundations for your company.

Practical Monitoring has a unique vendor-neutral approach to monitoring. Rather than discuss how to implement specific tools, Mike teaches the principles and underlying mechanics behind monitoring so you can implement the lessons in any tool.

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What you’ll learn in
Practical Monitoring

Fix noisy alerts

How to fix the ‘noisy alert’ problem once and for all


How to use statistics such as rolling average and standard deviation to level-up your monitoring

Build a better on-call experience

How to build a better on-call experience so your team don’t turn into burned out husks of people

Tie business metrics to system metrics

How much infrastructure do you need to support N numbers of users?

Common metrics to monitor

The most common and impactful metrics to monitor for network, servers, security, and more

Monitoring as a culture

How to foster a culture of data-informed decisions, and integrating monitoring into everything you do

Chapter overview for
Practical Monitoring

  • Chapter 1 – Monitoring Antipatterns
  • Chapter 2 – Monitoring Design Patterns
  • Chapter 3 – Alerting, On-call, & Incident Management
  • Chapter 4 – Statistics Primer
  • Chapter 5 – Monitoring the Business
  • Chapter 6 – Frontend Monitoring
  • Chapter 7 – Application Monitoring
  • Chapter 8 – Server Monitoring
  • Chapter 9 – Network Monitoring
  • Chapter 10 – Security Monitoring
  • Chapter 11 – Conducting a Monitoring Assessment

About the Author

Mike Julian is a consultant who helps companies build better monitoring for their applications and infrastructure and the Editor of Monitoring Weekly, an online publication about all-things-monitoring. Mike has previously worked as an Operations/DevOps Engineer for Taos Consulting, Peak Hosting, Oak Ridge National Lab, and others.

Mike is originally from Knoxville, TN and currently resides in San Francisco, CA. Outside of work, he spends his time driving mountain roads in a classic BMW, reading, and traveling.

You can find Mike at MikeJulian.comAster Labs, and Monitoring Weekly.